File Title
1 Apple to open third San Francisco store on Black Friday
2 T-Mobile Germany to sell unlocked iPhones without contract
3 Apple on track to sell 25 million iPods this quarter
4 Briefly: iTunes rentals; $100 off Office 2008; BlackBerry iPhone
5 Apple boosts Euro .Mac speed
6 Hola, Mexico: Apple opens online Store for Mexico
7 Verizon's 'fake iPhone' LG Voyager is no Apple iPhone killer
8 Infoworld: Apple's Mac OS X Leopard is a rung above perfection
9 Analyst expects Apple to sell record 25 million iPods in holiday quarter
10 Robot claims 'world first' convertible legs
11 Savvy babies good judges of character: study
12 Skin stem cells get Vatican approval--for now
13 Herpes virus found in Torres Strait turtles
14 Devil endangered
15 Scientists Find Fossil of Enormous Bug
16 Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Now Exercise
17 Cave May Hold Secrets to Legend of Ancient Rome
18 Archaeology unearths gout in early Pacific people
19 Remains of ancient synagogue with unique mosaic floor found in Galilee
20 Rotten Apple: Leopard
21 It's the Peripherals, Not the PC
22 Apple Is No. 3 PC Maker...for Now
23 Apple's Pages '08 is All Grown Up
24 Apple's Keynote '08 Delivers Simple Sophistication
25 BusinessWeek's Best Tech Products of 2007: Apple iPhone, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro; and Worst: Apple TV
26 Wall Street Journal poll: What's on your electronics gift list? (includes Zune, omits iPod?!)
27 $99 miShare device shares files and playlists between iPods; no computer or cable required
28 Jellyfish attack wipes out N. Ireland's salmon farm
29 Fuel's gold: Termites point way to new dawn of bio-energy
30 Oddball white dwarfs embody new category of star
31 Buffalo Zoo faulted in polar bear deaths
32 Babies may make social judgments
33 Scientists find fossil of enormous bug
34 UN calls for improved sanitation
35 Hurdles remain after stem cell advance
36 Docs find errors in own medical charts
37 Most steroid users are not athletes: study
38 Researchers find mirror fools phantom limb pain
39 Eating more fish may improve seniors' memory
40 Thailand may get cancer drug free from Novartis: minister
41 Happy in old age: study shows anti-blues drug prolongs life
42 Prenatal cocaine exposure cuts blood flow to brain
43 Thousands protest over ant aphrodisiac scheme
44 If you overeat, get back on track fast
45 Hacking the Holidays: Carve Your Turkey Like a Pro
46 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets
47 E-Book Readers At A Glance
48 Wired Puts Your Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope
49 Seven Things You Should Know About Turkeys
50 Canada creates huge protected forest reserves
51 We Can Reprogram Skin Cells Into Stem Cells--So Do We Still Need Embryos?
52 Butterfly Naming Auction Ends with $40,800 Bid
53 French smokers march on cigarette ban
54 Female Cancers May Come From Dad's DNA
55 More Holiday PC Silliness: Santa in Red Too Commercial; Let's Go with Green
56 In Some Households, Every Day Is Turkey Day
57 Medical Errors, Past and Present
58 Thanksgiving--Without the Meat!
59 Babies size you up in an instant
60 Termites' gut reaction set for biofuels
61 Earth as you've never seen it before
62 Fake snakes to scare Aussie birds
63 Cutty Sark rises from the ashes
64 Teachers try zero gravity to inspire pupils
65 UN plots Chernobyl zone recovery
66 Jellyfish attack destroys salmon
67 Earth's Moon is 'cosmic rarity'
68 4bn euros for frontier research
69 How firms and fraudsters deal in data
70 Amazon Kindle sells out on debut
71 Girls 'link weight to happiness'
72 HIV remains worrying global epidemic
73 Gene 'protects against cancers'
74 Pandemic flu drug order doubles
75 Study: Infants Can Judge Naughty From Nice
76 Revamping Relationships Among Cultivated Potatoes
77 Remove CO2 from air? Experts working on it
78 Rogue Dwarf Shines New Light on Tiny Galaxies
79 Buddhists and Hindus Not Worried About Scientists Playing God
80 An E-Book Reader That Just May Catch On
81 Amazon Kindle Review: Igniting Interest in E-Books?
82 PS3 tops Wii in Japan...AGAIN
83 Stats: The video-game console wars, one year later
84 Dinning [sic] Out for Thanksgiving, and More Fixings
85 Thanksgiving additives a real mouthful
86 Scientists gain new respect for turkeys
87 Mozilla Readies Firefox Patch
88 Firefox: On leaky memory and bumping blockers
89 Google extends market lead in search
90 Babies learn to tell a friend from foe before they can talk
91 Babies even months young can spot nice, nasty characters
92 Babies can separate the good from the bad: Study
93 Babies Can Tell Friend From Foe
94 Apple to settle patent lawsuit
95 Apple pays $10 million to end iTunes patent dispute
96 Apple settles iPod lawsuit for $10 million
97 Computer Game With a Special Special Effect, Facial Expressions
98 GM reaffirms to launch electric car in 2010
99 GM Readies Chevrolet Volt for 2010
100 Rockefeller Tree Is Green, but Is It Green?
101 Motorola let down by its new Sidekick
102 Scientists Bypass Need for Embryo to Get Stem Cells
103 States Assess Breakthrough On Stem Cells
104 Deficiency of sunlight exposure may raise endometrial cancer risk
105 Holiday Bird: Guidelines for preparation are always good
106 Thanksgiving (in no time)
107 Bioclocks work by controlling chromosome coiling
108 The power of multiples: Connecting wind farms can make a more reliable--and cheaper--power source
109 390-million-year-old scorpion fossil--biggest bug known
110 Improved wettability of carbon nanotubes opens the door to new possibilities
111 Have we sealed the universe's fate by looking at it?
112 Why you remember names and ski slopes
113 A new device will make quality control of radiotherapy treatments possible
114 Internet users give up privacy in exchange for trust
115 What Humans Should Really be Thankful For
116 Controlled Chaos
117 When Doing Good Can Cause Harm: Dredging Marine Sediments Affects Garden Tomatoes
118 In-Depth Study of Past Human Interactions with the Environment Can Help Create a Sustainable Future
119 Man Who Helped Start Stem Cell War May End It
120 Border Fence Work Raises Environmental Concerns
121 At a Cigar Show, an Air-Quality Scientist Under Deep, Smoky Cover
122 Drug Said to Shrink Tumors
123 Really? The Claim: White Meat Is Healthier Than Dark Meat
124 Let Us Give Thanks. In Writing.
125 Holiday Feasting Without the Cranberries
126 The Skinny on Holiday Weight Gain
127 Counting Calories? Big Meals Make It Tough
128 Big Rise in Cost of Birth Control on Campuses
129 Scientists unravel plants' natural defenses
130 Don't judge a brook by its color--brown waters are more natural
131 Antidepressant found to extend lifespan in C. elegans
132 Direct evidence that bioclocks control chromosome coiling
133 Making 'Second Life' More Like Real Life
134 New Hitachi Robot Rolls Around, Crashes
135 Giant submarine landslide identified
136 Probing the nurseries of miniature planetary systems
137 Review: Amazon Reader Needs More Juice
138 Buckyball birth observed by Sandia nanotech researcher
139 Mars' Molten Past
140 Astronomers discover stars with carbon atmospheres
141 Stem cells train heart following heart attack
142 Consumption of some foods associated with decrease in ovarian cancer risk
143 Finnish women have gained a kilo in five years: study
144 UN Calls for Improved Sanitation
145 Why you remember names and ski slopes
146 Blind mice shed light on human sight loss
147 Magnetic pulses to brain can treat depression: study
148 Yum! More Shoppers Sending Food Gifts
149 Britain Plans Flu Shots for Everyone
150 Trivia time: Tom Turkey, T. rex related
151 Flip-Flopping Gene Expression Can Be Advantageous
152 The early relatives of flowering plants
153 Riddle of the jade jewels reveals vast trade arena
154 Should I eat the kids? When to care for, abandon, or eat your offspring
155 Fuel's gold: Termites point way to new dawn of bio-energy
156 Analysis: Hurdles Remain for Stem Cells
157 The brown waters are more natural
158 White dwarfs with unexpected carbon atmospheres
159 Massive Project Will Scour Universe For Gravity Waves
160 'Wiring Up' Enzymes For Producing Hydrogen In Fuel Cells
161 Mice Predict The Effectiveness Of Orally Taken Drugs
162 River Restoration Poorly Coordinated, Evaluated
163 Too Much Sugar Turns Off Gene That Controls Effects Of Sex Steroids
164 Data Transfer For Tsunami Early Warning System Successfully Tested
165 Try Adding These Superfoods To Your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year
166 Environmental Toxins May Limit Fertility In Offspring
167 Astronomers Discover Stars With Carbon Atmospheres
168 Astronomers Discover Stars With Carbon Atmospheres
169 Questioning Martian Life
170 Mars' Molten Past
171 Climate change a growing threat in Tibet: media report
172 New Japanese lightweight robot on wheels can talk
173 Defense Focus: Spy sat lessons--Part 3
174 DOE JGI Plumbs Termite Guts To Yield Novel Enzymes For Better Biofuel Production
175 Study Sheds New Light On Early Formation Of Earth And Mars
176 Don't Judge A Brook By Its Color--Brown Waters Are More Natural
177 Mapping The Selective Brain
178 New Research Shows Climate Change Triggers Wars And Population Decline
179 The Power Of Multiples: Connecting Wind Farms Can Make A More Reliable--And Cheaper--Power Source
180 Britain to build world's biggest biomass plant
181 Raytheon Completes Test To Begin Improving Accuracy Of GPS Signals Over India
182 Targeting Mobile Ads
183 Transition from polyp to cancer age-dependent
184 Lack of toilets is fatal, global association says
185 China cools protests over ant aphrodisiac scheme