File Title
1 Sunbed industry gets roasting
2 Consumers unwittingly fuel toxic global trade in electronic waste
3 Blondes make men act dumb
4 Farming in Europe due to Noah's Ark
5 UN Panel Offers Dire Warming Forecast
6 FEMA Trailer Dwellers Want Toxin Tests
7 McDonald's Eyes Ballooning Coffee Market
8 America Ships Electronic Waste Overseas
9 Brewer Works to Bring Back Dixie Beer
10 Japanese on hunt for 1000 whales
11 Stem cell pioneer cleared by review
12 Blondes mess up men's minds
13 Palm oil producers try to green image
14 Chili to truncate elephant bingeing
15 Science and carbs--A big fat lie revisited
16 Green chemistry's 'race to innovation'
17 What kids learn in virtual worlds
18 Adding math to list of security threats
19 In Korea, a boot camp cure for Web obsession
20 Destination of 'recycled' electronics may surprise you
21 2006: rival Batman
22 The fabricators are coming
23 The Prophet of Garbage
24 Self-cutters Among the Young: Why They Do It
25 Water Vapor Seen Raining Down On Young Star System
26 Solar Power for Domestic Homes
27 Brain Abnormalities Found In People With Writer's Cramp
28 Monster Galaxy Pileup
29 One Third of Chinese Scientists are Female
30 Scientists' Blinders Cost Human and Animal Lives
31 Dolphin Spotted in Yangtze River that was thought Extinct
32 Sexist Humor Against Women No Laughing Matter
33 Growing Blood Vessels--In Depth Doctor's Interview
34 Talk WIth Your Eyes!
35 Detecting Acid Reflux
36 ESnet, Internet2 Complete Coast-to-Coast Next-Generation Network In Support of DOE Scientific Community
37 Energy Biosciences Institute Begins Ground-Breaking Research Into New, Cleaner Sources of Energy
38 Carmack criticizes Apple on iPhone/iPod games
39 Briefly: Apple launches official presence in Portugal, more
40 iPhone causing users to ditch landlines
41 Trademark could delay iPhone in Canada
42 Survey: iPhone surges in satisfaction, share
43 Study: Pricing a primary factor for iPhone
44 Survey: Three percent of teens have iPhones?
45 Apple faces iPhone profit or market share dilemma
46 Baltimore Sun: 10.5 Leopard is most significant upgrade to Mac OS X since 10.2 Jaguar
47 Mossberg's Mac FAQ: 'Gorgeous hardware, Mac OS X superior to Windows, better built-in software'
48 Apple's Mac OS X Leopard successfully installed and running on Asus Eee PC
49 Apple will outlast Microsoft
50 Fortune: Apple's iPhone an astounding achievement, exceeds technological expectations
51 Is Apple getting dragged into licensing Mac OS X?
52 Microsoft's Allard: Apple's iPhone is a lousy iPod
53 CNET reviews Dell XPS One: Outclassed by Apple's iMac
54 Which Apple iPod should you buy?
55 TMO Quick Tip--Viewing Large Icons in Leopard
56 Marketer: Apple Needs Better Social Skills
57 Leopard Under the Hood: Netinfo is Gone
58 New Mac system "Leopard" shows Windows its claws
59 UPDATED: Music boss: we were wrong to go to war with consumers
60 Apple focuses on firewall in first Leopard update
61 Seeing in context
62 Why Women Worry So Much
63 Neanderthal empire grows
64 Fossil DNA Expands Neanderthal Range
65 Neanderthals roamed as far as Siberia
66 Neanderthals Reached China's Doorstep
67 Neandertals Ranged Much Farther East Than Thought
68 Neandertals' Last Stand Was in Gibraltar, Study Suggests
69 Neandertals Hunted as Well as Humans, Study Says
70 Scans reveal lost gravestone text
71 Childbirth customs, superstitions abound around the world
72 Little-Known Indian Tribe Spotted in Peru's Amazon
73 Mammoth Hair Yields Ancient DNA, Study Says
74 Scientists Cull DNA From Extinct Mammoth
75 454 Sequencing: Science paper describes a novel, highly efficient method of sequencing ancient DNA
76 DNA Extracted From Woolly Mammoth Hair
77 Woolly Mammoth Hair Yields 'Fantastic' DNA
78 Mammoth hair sheds new light
79 Mammoth hair produces DNA bounty
80 Early Polynesians Sailed Thousands of Miles for Trade
81 In a Primitive Tool, Evidence of Trading in the Pacific
82 Investors reluctant to fund efficient shovel
83 Bone marrow link offers hope for cancer sufferers
84 Hole in ozone shrinking, scientists say
85 Blondes mess up men's minds
86 Japanese on hunt for 1000 whales
87 Desalination plant caught in middle
88 Farmers trade water to survive drought
89 Odd African dino sucked up plants
90 Huge duck-billed dinosaur unearthed in Utah
91 New horned dinosaur dug up in Canada
92 Velociraptor relative was sloth-like herbivore
93 Australia's largest ever dinosaur unveiled
94 Flushed with success [and other "Quirkies" (odd stories)]
95 Sudoku may save us from spam
96 Handwriting a window to your heart?
97 Towards Bali: IPCC report and beyond
98 Australian men find solace in a shed
99 Inside Medicine: Parkinson's disease nurse
100 'Grim up north' for heart disease
101 Church condemns lesbian IVF use
102 Natural protein 'heals the heart'
103 'Cannabis' may halt breast cancer
104 Europe eyes Mars landing sites
105 Japanese whalers hunt humpbacks
106 Climate 'will undo Asian success'
107 UN challenges states on warming
108 But Recycling Is A Good Thing, Right?
109 Expert: Many Underestimate Calories
110 American Generosity And The Gift Of Sight
111 Cheers From The Challenged
112 Japan whale expedition condemned
113 Tackling the fossil fuel juggernaut
114 Is coal about to make a comeback?
115 Broody eagles boost chick numbers
116 Amazon to show e-book device
117 A fix on the state
118 Displaced in Somalia: Mohammed
119 'I had a baby--despite cervical cancer'
120 Australia, New Zealand Protest Whale Hunt
121 A .50-Caliber Gun For Whale Hunting?
122 Food Pantry Cupboards Growing Bare
123 Amazon debuts Kindle e-book reader
124 Amazon Hopes Wireless Access, Low Prices Buoy eBook Reader
125 introduces Kindle, a $399 digital reading device
126 Amazon Unveils E-Book Reader, Download Service
127 AMD Spins a 'Spider' Web for Desktops
128 AMD betting Phenom's got game
129 AMD Phenom 9900 Processor Review--Spider Platform
130 AMD's New Phenom Chip and Spider Platform Launch; Intel Counters With New High End
131 AT&T to launch 1st Napster Mobile phone this holiday season
132 Dell Begins Shipping XPS One, Its First All-In-One Entertainment Computer
133 Comet takes starring role
134 Hubble trains its eye on an astronomical mystery
135 First boot camp for internet-addicted teenagers
136 Some digital neighborhoods better for dating
137 Social network colonization continues at torrid pace
138 Teachers Should Blog, Tweet and Flirt Online Like the Rest of Us
139 Leonid Meteor Shower Makes Its Bright Return
140 Is the Amazon Kindle going to be a monthly fee nightmare?
141 Genentech Reveals Encouraging Avastin Data; Bayer's Nexavar Gets FDA Approval For Liver Cancer--Update
142 Nexavar drug approved as treatment for liver cancer
143 Nexavar First FDA-Approved Drug Therapy for Liver Cancer
144 U.S. seizes discontinued eyelash product
145 Genentech: Avastin shows promise for brain cancer
146 Missing Autistic Boy Found In Ravine
147 Take precautions to avoid fatal staph infection
148 Have Your Genes Analyzed For A Mere $1000
149 Restaurant closes after diners and employees get sick
150 Restaurant closed after diners, employees fall ill
151 Vitamin THC for breast cancer?
152 Marijuana Compound May Stop Breast Cancer From Spreading, Study Says
153 Cannabis Compound Slows Breast Cancer Spread
154 MIT: 'Micro' livers could aid drug screening
155 A novel way found to prevent protein plaques implicated in Alzheimer's
156 Gender roles and not gender bias hold back women scientists
157 Sunbathing tree frogs' future under a cloud
158 New evidence for female control in reproduction
159 Carnegie Mellon algorithm identifies top 100 blogs for news
160 Stress Hormone May Hasten The Progression of Certain Blood Cancers
161 Evolution is deterministic, not random, biologists conclude from multi-species study
162 Protein suppresses allergic response in mice
163 Immune system can drive cancers into dormant state
164 Older workers stress less, U-M study suggests
165 Kaiser Permanente/Harvard Medical School study links lack of sleep to weight gain for new moms
166 Internet remedies for STIs pose significant public health hazard
167 Narrow band imaging colonoscopy identifies flat dysplastic lesions in ulcerative colitis patients
168 Football game days tops for drinking among college students
169 Drug-eluting stents yield better outcomes than bare-metal ones
170 How Do We Make Sense of What We See?
171 Pedometers motivate people with diabetes to walk more
172 Unstable housing status increases the risk of HIV transmission
173 Atmospheric Measuring Device for Understanding Smog Formation
174 Tsunami-recording in the deep sea
175 China Not Fighting Off E-Waste Nightmare
176 Having Lots of Kids Helps Dads Live to 100
177 Honey, Where's the Remote?
178 Laser Zaps Viruses
179 Older Workers Less Stressed (Find Out Why)
180 Surprise Ally of Conservationists: Ranchers
181 Despite Flash, Males are Simple Creatures
182 Newfound Dinosaur Dubbed 'Alien Sauropod'
183 Violence and Virginity Pledges: Do They Work?
184 Wild Turkeys Invading Suburban U.S.
185 Endangered porpoise worse off than thought
186 Chikyu's first mission complete
187 Sun may be smaller than thought
188 Invention: Remote-controlled pills [et al.]
189 'Naked' mums produce plumper babies
190 Immune System Controls Cancer, Promotes Tumor Dormancy
191 Device Offers Pharmaceutical Makers A Fast, Cheap and Safe Way to Screen Potential Drug Compounds
192 How Do We Make Sense of What We See?
193 My Genome, Myself: Seeking Clues in DNA
194 Mind of a Rock
195 The Sleep-Industrial Complex
196 These Scientific Minds Think (and Drink) Alike
197 'Dangerous' Warming Still Undefinable to White House
198 A Deeply Green City Confronts Its Energy Needs and Nuclear Worries
199 Chinese Dam Projects Criticized for Their Human Costs
200 Study Finds Higher Costs for Caregivers of Elderly
201 Love in the Time of Dementia
202 The Stomach-Surgery Conundrum
203 Patients Without Borders
204 A Doctor's Disdain for Medical "Googlers"
205 Q & A: Weight Around the Waist
206 Experts Advise a Grain of Salt With Mail-Order Genomes, at $1,000 a Pop
207 The brain on the edge of chaos
208 Football game days tops for drinking among college students
209 Internet remedies for STIs pose significant public health hazard
210 Stress hormone may hasten the progression of certain blood cancers
211 Mushrooms may aid rapid vaccine response
212 Eat chocolate, drink wine, add fun to life: SLU geriatrician shares secrets of staying young
213 New HPV vaccine under study
214 Older workers stress less, U-M study suggests
215 Protein suppresses allergic response in mice
216 Pedometers motivate people with diabetes to walk more
217 Eating disorders in adolescents
218 Drug-eluting stents yield better outcomes than bare-metal ones
219 Unstable housing status increases the risk of HIV transmission
220 Gender roles and not gender bias hold back women scientists
221 Sweet magnolia: Tree bark extract fights bad breath and tooth decay
222 Grisly court evidence makes juries more likely to convict
223 Sunbathing tree frogs' future under a cloud
224 Atmospheric measuring device for understanding smog formation
225 Philly Wi-Fi Network Hits Snags, Delays
226 Tsunami-recording in the deep sea
227 Magnetic nanoparticles detect and remove harmful bacteria
228 A novel way found to prevent protein plaques implicated in Alzheimer's
229 Immune system can drive cancers into dormant state
230 Gamers use PS3s to do biomedical research
231 Celebrities hit out in anti-bullying web campaign
232 Hydrogen, the wave of the future, but how far down the road?
233 Environment shapes dolphin noises
234 Carnegie Mellon algorithm identifies top 100 blogs for news
235 New evidence for female control in reproduction
236 Evolution is deterministic, not random, biologists conclude from multi-species study
237 How do we make sense of what we see?
238 Optical Technique For Controlling Electron Spins In Quantum Dot Ensembles Developed
239 Overexpression Of Human Protein Reduces Severity Of Alzheimer's Disease In Mice
240 Early Academic Skills, Not Behavior, Best Predict School Success
241 Even Low Doses Of Arsenic--At Levels Found In Drinking Water--Can Be Harmful
242 Scorpion Toxin Makes Insecticidal Fungus Deadly To Insect Pests
243 'Noah's Flood' Kick-started European Farming?
244 Google Meets Sherlock Holmes
245 Digging Chimps Provide Insights Into Early Human Diet
246 Ice Age Imprint Found On Cod DNA
247 Computer Scientists Use Data Mining To Advance Neuroinformatics
248 Northrop Grumman Demonstrates New Rocket Engine Design Using Oxygen And Methane Propellants
249 US Lawmakers Grill Space Agency On Plans For Shuttle Retirement
250 Indigenous Cryogenic Stage Successfully Qualified
251 Military Chief Says Russia Not Obliged To Protect World From US
252 Analysis: The OPEC view on high prices
253 Analysis: Saudi oil booms in empty desert
254 Drop in Iran-related attacks in Iraq a puzzle: officials
255 Superstrong Carbon-Nanotube Fibers
256 A Wiring Diagram of the Brain
257 Detecting [Tooth] Decay
258 Cryptographer Warns that Math Errors in Computer Chips Could Be a Global Security Risk
259 Wearied of Blogging? Wanna Read a Book You'll Remember a Long Time?
260 Microsoft's Office Webapps Suite Emerges, Doesn't Compete with Google Apps
261 Japan fleet sets off to hunt humpbacks
262 Tiger killed in fight over food at park
263 Vitamin D may curb type 2 diabetes risk
264 Cannabis Compound May Stop Metastatic Breast Cancer
265 Nexavar Approved for Liver Cancer
266 Naples bans smoking near pregnant women, children: city official
267 Farming, Fatherhood Hallmarks of Men Who Live to 100
268 Want to lose that baby weight? Get some sleep
269 Japan under fire for humpback hunt
270 Newfound Dinosaur Dubbed 'Alien Sauropod'
271 World's hottest chili to repel elephants