File Title
1 U R Dumped: Breaking Up in the Digital Age
2 Japanese Fleet to Hunt Humpback Whales
3 Hackers Use Banner Ads on Major Sites to Hijack Your PC
4 The Electronic Book Reader Comes of Age
5 When Traveling With Diabetes, Preparation Counts
6 New Non-Drug Therapy Promising for People with Schizophrenia
7 Fait Acomplia? New Study Lends Weight to FDA Concerns
8 Healing touch therapy thrives despite skeptics
9 Experts warn of 'abrupt' warming
10 US wants freeze on tuna fishing
11 Herbivore dinosaur grazed like a cow
12 Roaches And Robots: A Perfect Match?
13 NASA Lifts Brief Ban On Spacewalks
14 Full Moon Will Soon Overshadow Comet
15 Did Smithsonian Bow To Warming Skeptics?
16 Magnolia Bark For Bad Breath?
17 Is Your Kid Really Sick Or Just Faking It?
18 Amazon to debut Kindle e-book reader Monday
19 Report: Amazon to announce an e-book reader Monday
20 Amazon Planning E-Book Debacle
21 Comcast Slapped With Net Neutrality Suit
22 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend
23 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Saturday
24 Week in review: Snuffing out OS bugs
25 Vista may be in danger of being bypassed by businesses
26 Sanofi-Aventis faces challenges on obesity drug
27 Christmas: turkey, geese and poultry
28 Bird-flu alert in Britain: 22,000 turkeys make ultimate sacrifice
29 You, again: Are we getting closer to cloning humans?
30 Diabetes Diet? Think Tasty, but Healthful
31 L.A. kicks off program to cut trans fats
32 Free of trans fat? Prove it!
33 Menstruation May Yield Adult Stem Cells
34 Menstrual Blood May be the Future of Stem Cells
35 New type of stem cell from menstrual blood
36 Menstrual blood could be rich source of stem cells
37 Portable electricity, life-like prosthetics on the way
38 Bee Strategy Helps Servers Run More Sweetly
39 Too Few Women Scientists Achieving Academic Leadership Positions, According to Editorial in DNA and Cell Biology
40 Penn Researchers Discover a Mechanism to Explain Biological "Cross-Talk" Between 24-Hour Body Cycles and Metabolism
41 Local sources major cause of US near-ground aerosol pollution
42 MIT: Remote-control nanoparticles deliver drugs directly into tumors
43 A new window on the universe
44 Bath physicists' discovery about harnessing light makes Science magazine
45 How 'IAP antagonist' chemicals kill tumors
46 Virus used to create experimental HIV vaccines directly impairs the immune response
47 Tinea of the nails underdiagnosed in children
48 Should the UK lower the age for prostate cancer detection?
49 Some drug studies more likely to have favorable conclusions
50 Genital Arousal Disorder Adversely Impacts Women's Lives
51 TU Delft demonstrates new control techniques for preventing aircraft crashes
52 Chemists Concoct Part of Life's Recipe
53 Behind the Scenes: Nuclear Scientists Explore the Core of Existence
54 Early Sexual Activity May Curb Teen Delinquency
55 Whale Found Deep in Brazil Rain Forest
56 Noodly 'Deity' Subject of Religious Discussion
57 Good Night's Sleep Key to Strong Memories
58 320 Million Trees Lost to Katrina, Fuels Global Warming
59 Why Autumn Colors Are So Late
60 Qatar Leads New Research into Cleaner Jet Fuel
61 Even Monkeys Go Ga-Ga over Babies
62 The Profound History of Coins
63 Rocky Planets Might Inhabit Popular Nearby Star Cluster
64 1,700-Year-Old Roman Cemetery Found in Syria
65 WWII P-38 Fighter Discovered in Wales
66 Sun loses crown as biggest body in the Solar System
67 Native genes may save Hawaiian birds
68 Bat noses inspire robotic sonar
69 When only mum or dad matters
70 Airline navigation threatened by plasma plumes
71 Molecular 'amplifier' boosts DNA computing
72 Mating toads leap the species barrier
73 Sleep hormone may make you forget
74 Mars rover crippled and blinded as instruments fail
75 Laser fingerprint scanner does away with dusting
76 Nanotube tangles power printable batteries
77 Evolutionary Biology Research on Plant Shows Significance of Maternal Effects
78 Scientists Get First Look at How Water "Lubricates" Proteins
79 Kinesiology Researchers Examine Causes of Chronic Heel Pain
80 Tiny Silicone Hotel Reveals How Bacteria Control Crowds
81 A kind of magic?
82 Who's Smarter: Chimps, Baboons or Bacteria? The Power of Group IQ (Part II)
83 Oral Copulation Gene Discovered; Men Lament That It's in Fish Only
84 Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder In Women Leads To Greater Psychological Problems
85 Off Goes the Power Current Started by Thomas Edison
86 UK fat patients claim discrimination
87 Chocolate and Gold and Mice, Oh Yeah!
88 Man Run Over by Train While Talking on Cell Phone
89 Researchers probe ADD-fish oil link
90 Young Japanese not convinced about 'scientific' whaling
91 El Nino patterns unreliable, scientist warns
92 Scientists explore submarine volcanoes
93 World's fastest texter in Dunedin
94 Scholars Mull 'Flying Spaghetti Monster'
95 Prehistoric women had passion for fashion
96 Restaurants and cafes
97 Shifting desert puts Silk Road art at risk
98 Chinese Scientists Conclude Wushan Man Is Oldest Human Fossil In China
99 Ancient Maya elite binged on big game, loved furs
100 Tropical fish can live for months out of water
101 Left brain picks desired sounds from cacophony
102 Spirit Heads to Safety as Winter Nears
103 Ropeless Jump-Roping: Exercise for those who can't actually jump rope
104 5 Things: Reasons to Be Thankful for Cranberries
105 Airplane noise tied to high blood pressure risk
106 Lowered BP after "no salt added" diet
107 Roman bath unearthed near Jewish temple site
108 Plastic surgery is never risk free, doctors say
109 Robot science turns to nature for inspiration
110 Mexican rancher to clone prize fighting bull
111 Archeologists unearth 4,000-year-old temple in Peru
112 Dolly scientist abandons cloning
113 Japan to commence whaling mission
114 In pictures: Your retro technology
115 'Billboard poster saved my life'
116 More Protection Sought For Sea Turtles
117 What's Your Flu I.Q.?
118 Google Readies Wireless Bid
119 When grown-ups turn cyberbullies
120 Net hoax turns deadly, turns town against neighbors
121 Thousands of cleanup volunteers expected on Bay Area beaches
122 Fisher: Birds return to sea; oil-spill survivors released after cleanup
123 Hubble Reveals Shape of Ultrabright Comet
124 Hubble Takes A Peek At The Heart Of Mystery Comet
125 Largest Known Comet Outburst Detected
126 Comet Holmes' Display Captivates Stargazers
127 Happy hunting
128 Top 10 Deer Hunt Questions
129 Authorities seize S.J. company's eyelash product
130 Eyelash Product Seized by the FDA
131 Poop Vanilla, Endless Soup Among 2007 Ig Nobels
132 Pets Massacred in Puerto Rico
133 World's Largest Trout Thrives in Mongolia--For Now
134 Maya Rituals Caused Ancient Decline in Big Game
135 Mediterranean Sharks, Rays Facing Oblivion, Study Says
136 Theoretical physicist says polymers in a vacuum may yield valuable data
137 Goal-line technology to be tested in Japan
138 Discovery of a new way to manipulate light a million times more efficiently
139 Evolutionary comparison finds new human genes
140 Remote-control nanoparticles deliver drugs directly into tumors
141 Dry South: Corps Cuts Flow From Ga. Lake
142 Whale Found Deep in Brazil Rain Forest
143 Dolly the Sheep pioneer drops cloning with embryos: Telegraph
144 Dinosaur Track Discovery In Australia
145 Environment Plays Key Role In Children's Readiness For School
146 Uncovering The Mechanisms Underlying Lung Scarring
147 Enzymes Key To Brainpower Identified
148 New Way To Manipulate Light A Million Times More Efficiently
149 Homing in on the Silenced Gene Behind Mental Retardation
150 Brightest Supernova May Reignite
151 Are You a Liar? Ask Your Brain
152 Big Bang or Big Goof? Astronomer Challenges 'Seeds' Proof
153 Macedonia picks Ubuntu for 20,000 PCs
154 Keeping the Age-Old 'Mac or PC' Debate Alive
155 The Nerdiest Desk Ornament in the Wired Office
156 Major U.S. Autism Study Gets Under Way
157 Obesity paradox seen in people with heart disease
158 The Untold Story: How One Small Disc Carried One Giant Message for Mankind
159 Italy's "black cat day" aims to halt killings
160 Japan whaling fleet set to hunt humpbacks
161 Dead birds found near lead town
162 Rubber recycling
163 Cell research shines light on diabetes
164 Rising allergies trend mystifying
165 Flying Spaghetti Monster to star at American Academy of Religion
166 Computer desktop for the wall
167 Food company's annual report needs to be baked before reading
168 History of photoshopping from 1860 to present day
169 HOWTO force a padlock with a tin-can shim
170 Periodic table of comic book elements
171 High definition images of the Earth from the moon
172 Novel technique for cheap and abundant hydrogen
173 Chocolate has 3,000-year history
174 Auroras brighten Ganymede's poles
175 Is the answer 2,397,207,667,966,701?
176 Could the Solar Bug bring the sun to the car market?
177 The politics of ethanol outshine its costs
178 In Maryland, sea slowly claims a historic island
179 How to fight a rising sea
180 Fossil DNA tells tales of red-haired Neanderthals
181 The Sound of the Aurora
182 Feds Take Step Toward Protecting Turtles
183 Robot infiltrators sway roaches' group decisions
184 Drastic diet may extend human life, study finds