File Title
1 Nanowire generates its own spark
2 Neanderthals hard-wired to talk
3 Algae-in-a-vat may power the future
4 Platypuses may be older than we think
5 Look mum, it's a neutrino
6 Chronic cough? You may need more iron
7 Chubby dinosaurs survived chilly Gondwana
8 First land animals saw world in colour
9 Daylight saving hits late risers hardest
10 Experts pinpoint brain optimism centre
11 Neanderthals may have been redheads
12 Medicinal clays may heal ulcers
13 Biofuels 'crime against humanity'
14 Supersize elements created in lab
15 Neanderthals 'were flame-haired'
16 Testing Bluetooth's flexibility
17 Pre-cancer lesions 'remain risk'
18 By Jupiter!
19 Ask Dr. Knowledge: How does a one-way mirror allow you to see through in only one direction?
20 The inkjet approach to building life
21 Dinosaur skeleton among largest found
22 Why teaching science is crucial
23 Harvard connecting to its Indian soul
24 Discoveries: Chemical in garlic relaxes blood vessels [et al.]
25 Ask Dr. Knowledge: How can clear liquid products make your hair color darker?
26 NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident
27 Colony Collapse Jeopardizing Beekeepers
28 Becoming A Victim Online May Take Time
29 N/A
30 Apple Unleashes Leopard Worldwide
31 UN Expert Seeks To Halt Biofuel Output
32 Bacteria Species May Help Ethanol Output
33 NASA Court-Ordered To Search For UFO Docs
34 Leonardo's "Last Supper" Goes HiDef Online
35 Genetic Disorders Hit Amish Hard
36 Drinking Alcohol May Protect Lungs
37 Capers: A Carnivore's Best Bud
38 Boiled Nuts Help Protect Against Illness
39 Apple's Leopard arrives in San Francisco
40 Apple's latest cool cat
41 Apple unleashes latest Mac upgrade
42 Rain Doesn't Stop Leopard From Roaring in NYC
43 Apple Unleashes Leopard
44 In Depth: Apple's Leopard leaps to new heights
45 Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
46 Sharing Is Never Easy
47 Comcast, Verizon troubles illustrate peer-to-peer software opportunity
48 The $831 iPhone
49 Piper Jaffray: AT&T paying Apple $18 per iPhone, per month
50 Scientists Change Sexual Orientation of Worms with Gene Alteration
51 Sexual Orientation Hard-Wired in Worm Brains
52 Sexual Orientation Is Genetic in Worms, Study Says
53 Apple Fan Goes From YouTube to Prime Time
54 Apple to Air Student-Made iPod Touch Ad
55 Student's Ad Gets a Remake, and Makes the Big Time
56 Brain Device May Trigger Impulsiveness
57 The way to a healthy heart
58 Eat your grains to cut heart failure
59 A Little Marijuana Helps, but Lots May Hurt
60 Marijuana Improves Depression in Low Doses, Worsens It in High Doses, Study Says
61 Pain-Reducing Effects of Cannabis Depend on Dose
62 Scientists alter sexual orientation in worms
63 How to design a cancer-killing virus
64 Frog study takes leaf out of nature's book
65 Ancient DNA reveals that some Neanderthals were redheads
66 Research sheds new light on how diseases jump across species
67 'Knocking Out' Cell Receptor May Help Block Fat Deposits in Tissues, Prevent Weight Gain
68 Why Do Autumn Leaves Bother to Turn Red?
69 Red hair and freckles...
70 Microbial biofilms evoke Jekyll & Hyde effects
71 The race for biofuels driving alternative sources of biomass
72 Predators and Parasites May Increase Evolutionary Stability
73 World's hottest chile pepper discovered
74 'Twinkle after-effect' can help retinal patients detect vision loss quickly and cheaply
75 Three first-ever atomic nuclei created at NSCL; new super-heavy aluminum isotopes may exist
76 Researchers find signal that switches on eye development--could lead to 'eye in a dish'
77 Contamination from depleted uranium found in urine 20 years later
78 New CU-Boulder study detects first known belt of moonlets in Saturn's rings
79 Designing new piezoelectric materials
80 Possible cosmic defect may be a window into the early universe
81 Seismologists see Earth's interior as interplay between temperature, pressure and chemistry
82 Recognizing someone's name but forgetting how you met them is all in your head
83 Drugstore in the Dirt
84 New insights into how lasers cut flesh
85 Hubble spies shells of sparkling stars around quasar
86 Microfluidics and optical trapping integrated for the first time in new lab-on-a-chip research
87 Mars With Ice, Shaken, Not Stirred
88 High-tech textiles pave the way for glowing garments
89 UD researchers race ahead with latest spintronics achievement
90 NIST demos industrial-grade nanowire device fabrication
91 Video shows buckyballs form by 'shrink wrapping'
92 Drug that lowers blood pressure might help prevent Alzheimer's disease
93 Huge numbers willing to go under knife to alter their appearance, study finds
94 Mayo Clinic study points to a possible biomarker for colon cancer in people 50 and under
95 Combination targets: some drugs may work best when they work together
96 A fresh look at existing therapies: Researchers explore ways to teach approved drugs new tricks
97 Electricity grid could become a type of Internet
98 Researchers view swimming tactics of tiny aquatic predators
99 Hysterectomy, incontinence linked
100 Massage may injure nerves
101 Where optimism comes from
102 To grunt or not to grunt
103 Naked sleepwalkers hit UK
104 Astronomers Spot New Halley-Like Comet
105 Tiny Galaxy Spotted Halfway Across the Universe
106 Cosmic Factories Produce Rubies and Sapphires
107 Strange Molecule Found in Venus's Atmosphere
108 Origin of Cosmic Rays Confirmed
109 New Images Used to Pick Mars Lander Site
110 Stellar Explosion Outshines Sun 100 Billion Times
111 Makeup of Potentially Threatening Asteroid Determined
112 Broccoli May Help Fight Skin Cancer
113 Electronic Nose Works Like Yours
114 First Land Creatures Saw in Vivid Color
115 Hundreds of 'Missing' Black Holes Found
116 Sexual Orientation Hard-Wired in Worms' Brains
117 Defect Suspected in Fabric of Space-Time
118 Report: Primates in Danger of Extinction
119 Hospital Romance May Largely Be Fiction
120 Hottest Chile Pepper Shatters Record
121 Near-Earth Space Bubbles Mapped
122 Martian Volcanoes May Not be Extinct
123 Mystery of Io's Atmosphere Solved
124 Monster Black Hole Busts Theory
125 Polar Dinosaurs Left Their Tracks
126 5 Rare Asiatic Lions Found Electrocuted in India
127 Ancient, Legless Crab Discovered
128 Elephants Know Good People from Bad
129 Moonlight Sets Off Coral Sex
130 Owls Get Wise to Better Life in Cities
131 Bison Population Rebounds from Slaughter
132 Possible New Dinosaur Species Found in Argentina
133 Fisherman Pulls in 844-Pound Shark
134 Tyrannosaur Footprint Found in Montana
135 Crows Bend Twigs Into Tools to Find Food
136 Why Beasts Stick Together
137 Obsession with Pets at All-Time High
138 Hospital Romance May Largely Be Fiction
139 Experts Sound Off on Workout Grunting
140 Crib Bumper Pads Too Risky for Baby
141 Mind Games: What Makes a Great Baseball Player Great
142 Emotions Run Amok in Sleep-Deprived Brains
143 Fall Foliage: Why Leaves Change Color
144 Rising Seas Threaten Major Cities
145 Better Biofuel: Corn with No Ears
146 Stem Cells Printed in 3-D with Inkjet Devices
147 Phone Uses Jaw Bone to Transmit Sound
148 Data Discrimination: Comcast Blocks Internet Traffic
149 The Incredible Shrinking Radio
150 Radar Device to Spot Enemies Through Walls
151 Implanted Brain Radiator Proposed For Epileptics
152 New Plastic as Strong as Steel
153 Robot Gives Facial Massages
154 Police Can Disable New Cars on Demand
155 Mummy Mystery
156 Civil War Soldiers Spread Lies to Keep Spirits Up
157 Why Monks Are So Darn Happy
158 A Culture that Capitalism Can't Crush
159 Cannon Raised from Suspected Ship of Blackbeard
160 Radiating Arrowheads Helps Retrace Indian Trade Routes
161 Vatican Publishes Knights Templar Papers
162 Incan Kids Fattened Before Sacrifice
163 Top 10 Rare U.S. Coins
164 Voters Make Quick, Shallow Decisions, Study Suggests
165 Confused Moose Thinks He's a Cow
166 Ig Nobel Prizes a Mouthful of Fun
167 Blind People: Hybrid Cars Pose Hazard
168 Man Eats 21 Pounds of Grits for Title
169 Primates in Trouble, Says Report on 25 Rarest
170 World's Rarest Cat Species Boosted by Newfound Lynx
171 Some Neandertals Were Pale Redheads, DNA Suggests
172 Comet bursts into brightness
173 Some Neanderthals were red-heads
174 Soap chemical stops fish sticking together
175 Password-cracking chip causes security concerns
176 Simplest 'universal computer' wins student $25,000
177 Comet brightens mysteriously by a factor of a million
178 Epsom salts could save thousands from eclampsia
179 Lack of sleep is a lot like mental illness
180 Exhibitionist spiny anteater reveals bizarre penis
181 'Tractor beam' makes light work of particles
182 GM virus shrinks cancer tumours in humans
183 The synchronising secret to corals' moonlit orgy
184 'Wikistrangers' are as trustworthy as regular editors
185 Farmed salmon threat to Antarctic krill
186 Heaviest Stellar Black Hole Discovered in Nearby Galaxy
187 Researchers Develop Wireless Bridge Sensors Without Batteries
188 The Solution to a Seven-decade Mystery Is Crystal-clear to Chemist
189 Researchers Develop, Patent Promising Oral Insulin for Treatment of Diabetes
190 Designing the Next Wave of Solar Homes
191 Broccoli Sprout-derived Extract Protects Against Ultraviolet Radiation
192 The Sensitive Side of Carbon Nanotubes: Creating Powerful Pressure Sensors
193 Discover Direct Route from Brain to the Immune System
194 Three First-ever Isotopes Created at NSCL
195 Dwarf Galaxies Need Dark Matter Too
196 Drugstore in the Dirt
197 Why do Autumn Leaves Bother to Turn Red?
198 At Busy Airports, Only Laptops Go Through Security Screening Quickly
199 Scientists Alter Sexual Orientation in Worms
200 New Insights Into How Lasers Cut Flesh
201 Hubble Spies Shells of Sparkling Stars Around Quasar
202 Brain Activity Differs for Creative and Noncreative Thinkers
203 Mars with Ice, Shaken, not Stirred
204 Researchers Race Ahead with Latest Spintronics Achievement
205 Research Targets Genes Linked to Insulin Resistance
206 Researchers Detect Hint of Oxygen from 2.5 Billion-Year-Old Core
207 Researchers Uncover Potential Role of Leptin in Diabetes
208 Physicist Shining a Light on Mysterious 'Dark Matter'
209 How Basil Gets Its Zing
210 Researchers Devise Way to Calculate Rates of Evolution
211 Researchers: No Faking It, Crocodile Tears Are Real
212 A Toothy New Duck-Billed Dinosaur from Southern Utah
213 Physicists Tackle Knotty Puzzle
214 New Plastic Is Strong as Steel, Transparent
215 Taming Tiny, Unruly Waves for Nano Optics
216 Researchers Shed Light on Light-emitting Nanodevice
217 Undergraduates Discover More than 1,300 Asteroids
218 Generating 'Oohs' and 'Aahs': Vocal Joystick Uses Voice to Surf the Web
219 Inside Job: New Radioactive Agents for Colon Cancer Work Inside Cells
220 New Membrane Strips Carbon Dioxide from Natural Gas Faster and Better
221 Exercise Helps Aging Brain, Alzheimer's
222 Humans Perceive Others' Fear Faster than Other Emotions
223 New Light Source Illuminates Fusion-Power Diagnostics
224 New Quantum Dot Transistor Counts Individual Photons
225 Hubble Finds 'Dorian Gray' Galaxy
226 Methods for Regulating Wind Power's Variability Under Development by Electrical Engineer
227 'Electromagnetic Wormhole' Possible with Invisibility Technology
228 X-Effect: Female Chromosome Confirmed a Prime Driver of Speciation
229 Researchers Find Earliest Evidence for Modern Human Behavior in South Africa
230 '55 'Origin of Life' Paper Is Retracted